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Growth Hacker & Content Creator Internships

Sep 1 - Nov 30. Unpaid. Oakland, CA, USA, open to international students.

Swoop Shift is looking for a talented content creator and marketing specialist like you to join the team. Be a part of the crew! Work at your own pace and get the attention you deserve from this fun, friendly team.

The growth hacker and content creator is responsible for the Swoop Shift blog and many other writing-focused marketing campaigns. You will also manage the Google AdWords budget, all our social media networks, and the MailChimp campaigns.

This is an opportunity for skill-building and your mentor will help you every step of the way. The internship is for three months and is unpaid. You and your mentor will setup a weekly schedule and will offer you a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of your internship.



Email your cover letter, resume, and copy of your most recent transcript to to apply.

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